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Returns and Changing 

You can return or change your purchases within 14 days after delivery by stating your reasons,
provided they haven’t been used, packaging hasn’t been damaged and the items haven’t lost
their resalability. To be able to return your purchases you must meet the criteria listed below. Otherwise, the returned purchases will not be accepted.

Return and change duration is 14 days.
You must send your return or change demand with your reasons and the stated information below
to mail address along with an up to date phone number for further contact (if

  • Order/Purchase number
  • Item code
  • Buyer/Account name – surname – phone number – e-mail address
  • Number of returning items

The bill of sale, box, bag or any kind of packaging which has been provided with the purchase as
well as any gifts provided with the item must all be returned undamaged and without any missing
pieces. Otherwise, the returned purchases will not be accepted.

While returning the item back to our address via a shipping company, the original packaging must
be preserved in a way to not receive any damages.

The shipping cost of a returning purchase must be paid for by the customer.

Provided that the returning purchases/items are received without any damage externally and or
internally, and with the bill of sale intact, your money will be returned within five (5) business days.

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